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About Us

Part Of The West Coast Community

Pacific Coast Kitchens has been proudly serving Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland since 1998. We employ local carpenters and support local wholesale material suppliers. Our community is important to us. 

When we choose to buy local, we help send someone's kids to sports, dance classes or summer camps, as well as feed their family. 

Not help buy a third vacation property for a foreign CEO.

Invest In Something That Gives Back To You

Did you know that new kitchens and bathrooms add resale value and increased enjoyment to your home? 

A recent study by the Appraisal Institute of Canada found kitchen and bathroom renovations to be one of the most value adding home remodelling projects. 

Whether you are listing your property on the real estate market soon, or plan to live there forever, new kitchens and bathrooms increase the value of your property and, more importantly, homeowner enjoyment.

We Are Here To Help You

Because we are customer focused, Pacific Coast Kitchens can build you almost anything you want. If you are unsure about how best to proceed but really want to make a change in your home, have our design specialist come by to offer you some ideas and generate drawings for your project.